• Alexey Kuchma (CEO/Lead Game Designer) Alexey has got himself over 4 years of experience in blockchain projects. He was the CEO and founder of NFT social network called MomentNFT, which is a blockchain combination of Instagram and Tiktok.

    Speaking of gaming experience, Alexey has been playing games his whole life.

    As he is very passionate about games and gaming universes, Alexey aims to create World of DeFish to open up a new amazing world to players, to combine exciting and beautiful gameplay with an even more enjoyable process of making money.

  • Miroslaw Shpak (CTO) has a 10+ years of development/team-leading experience , 2+ years in dApp development and 20+ years in gaming. He was also a tech leader in a couple successful startups, founded a fully automatized outstaff platform and currently diligently contributing to open source around web3.

    Actually his career started as a game developer using Unreal Engine 4 for early VR commercial projects. After switching to enterprise web projects, he continued developing his own gaming side-projects just for fun.

    “From the very start, I was curious about coding in Ethereum, it was like magic for me. I don't like when something feels like a magic black box, so I plunged in. And I was amazed how many things blockchain technology can fix in the world.

    As time passed, I have always wanted to build my very own project on blockchain. I have been waiting for this for a couple of years, and in fact, it is a big challenge for me as a Software Architect.”

  • Sasha Dyomin (Lead Blockchain Engineer) Sasha is a full-stack hacker and a true nerd who has 7+ years of development experience, and 2 years of dApp development. Back in the day, Sasha started his career as a backend game developer where he even used Perl for maintaining quite old browser games. Currently, his stack is NodeJS, Solidity and Vue. We can confidently say that Sasha has great experience building large scalable systems.

    He is also a full-time gamer who has a dream of creating an NFT game with a unique user experience. He wants to ensure that when interacting with the game, the user immersed himself in a fairy tale and did not want to leave it, any game actions felt as intuitive as possible and did not cause even the slightest hint of discomfort.

    Later, having met Miroslaw they started to build really cool games just for themselves. He is sure that dApp development is a very deep mine that is only a couple of per cents dug.

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