Sell your catch, buy new equipment, stock up on consumables. All transactions on the marketplace are paid in $WOD. Marketplace is a place where fishermen from all over the world meet to trade their catches.

What can be sold / bought on the marketplace?

You can sell everything. Yes, every item in our game you can sell or buy on the marketplace:

  • Equipment

  • NFT fish

  • Crafting materials

  • Defishboxes

  • Zones

All this can be sold or bought by players from other players.

But not everything can be bought from our game vendors. For example, from our vendors it is possible to buy items only with common, uncommon and rare rarity. All others are possible to get via crafting or DeFishboxes.


You also can launch an auction on every item instead of simply set the price

Who can trade on the marketplace?

Any user of the World of Defish, regardless of their level.


Track your earnings and spending using a convenient dashboard and personal account. You can set notifications for the receipt of an item on the marketplace, or a price alert.

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