Map and Zones

World of Defish is a huge world with endless beauty, deep oceans, azure seas, dangerous rivers, and peaceful lakes. Each of them has its own inhabitants and its own secrets. Fishermen can choose their favorite type of game and be a specialist in certain waters. Parts of the map are divided into zones (territories), you can select any zone and start fishing in it. By clicking on the zone, you can see the details about it. For example: what fish live there, how many fishermen are there now, how many $WOD you can get. Some areas can only be reached with a fishing boat.


Zones are the main feature of the game. Inside it all magic happens:

  • Farming WOD

  • Farming EXP

  • Catching NFT fishes

  • Catching material for crafting

All zones has own characteristics of WOD, EXP and catch chance of each NFT fish rarity and how much material for crafting you can farm here.

Buying a zone.

Each zone has its own price, it is dynamic (the price can change). The price of the zone is based on how many fish are in it now, what is the overall quantity, quality, and rarity of the fish inside that zone. Players can buy zones and trade them on the market, each zone is an NFT.

What can I do with my zone?

  • Owners can set an entry fee for fishermen who wish to fish on their property. Players who own the zones can get passive income from the rental price.

  • Fishermen can also take care of their zone, fill it with quality fish and populate it with more rare species. Thus, owners will invest time in caring for their property and increase its price on the market.

World of Defish map preview

Zones supply

A total of 10,000 NFT zones will exist in the World of De Fish. They differ in size, NFT fish and WOD production.

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