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In this page we will cover most common tasks for interacting with Marketplace.
Marketplace contract details:
Address: 0x9C591CE2108f3a15Be6A17457c29FB68f6b3b69B
ABI url:
For those who want to connect his own contract with Marketplace here's solidity interface:
// SPDX-License-Identifier: MIT
pragma solidity 0.8.4;
interface IMarketplace {
struct Order {
uint token_id;
address seller;
uint64 created_at;
bool auction;
bool exists;
bool successful;
bool closed;
uint48 price;
uint64 lifetime;
bytes3 nft_name;
struct Bet {
uint order_id;
address buyer;
uint48 price;
bool closed;
bool successful;
function getOrder(uint _order_id) public view returns (Order memory);
function getOrdersCount() public view returns (uint);
// _nft_name possible values: 'itm' | 'mat' | 'box' | 'zon'
function createOrder(uint _token_id, uint _price, bytes3 _nft_name) external;
function closeOrder(uint _order_id) external;
function buyOrder(uint _order_id) external;
function getBet(uint _id) public view returns (Bet memory);
function createAuction(uint _token_id, uint _price, uint _expire_at, bytes3 _nft_name) external;
function placeBet(uint _order_id, uint _price) external;
function updateBet(uint _bet_id, uint _price) external;
function closeAuction(uint _order_id) public;
function finishAuction(uint _order_id) external;
function closeBet(uint _bet_id) public;