There are 5 main inventory slots in the game, 3 auxiliary and 2 special slots.

Each item has its own level and attributes. The more you use an item, the more experience it gets. The experience gained can be spent on improving any equipment.

Main slots are required, so you can’t start fishing without filling all main slots which are basically parts of the fishing rod. Based on what is used in these slots, the main "character" of the fishing rod is formed.

Consumables slots are optional. You can start fishing even without them. Consumable items give you additional multipliers which can make your fishing rod better, but only for 1 session period, and after that will be burned.

Special slots are also optional. They give special characteristics to your rod or session. For example, in some zones you can’t fish without a boat and the net will increase the amount of fish which you can catch from the zone. Also, after use, these items are not burned, but remain with you, like the main items.

How can I get the equipment?

You can get equipment by buying it on the marketplace, exchanging it directly with other players. Players can also get equipment for participating in the activities of the World of Defish and crafting.

Some items are focused only on a certain task, for example items that are focused on catching NFT fish will have a penalty in catching WOD, and vice versa.


After we figured out the types of equipment, let's move on to analyzing the characteristics:

Each main item gives you a multiplier to all stats:

  • WOD production E

  • XP production

  • Catch chance for each type of fish rarity

  • Durability

BUT not every item gives the same multiplier to all stats. Some items can provide a high multiplier on one or two stats, but give nothing on the other. And vice versa, some items can be without any high multipliers, but they distribute their effectiveness across all characteristics. Or your Item can be not too profitable, but with very good durability and make you able to fish for a long time and catch more NFT fish.

And this is only 1 item! Your set-up consists of a minimum of 5 items.


Now let’s take a loot at rarity of items. In general, the rarer an item, the better its stats. Often the rarest items are sharpened for a strong improvement in one of the characteristics

In our game, we have 6 different rarity:

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