About $WOD

What is $WOD?

World of Defish token ($WOD) is a BEP-20 token with a fixed supply. This is World of DeFish's governance, utility, and special Play-to-Earn reward token.

How do I get $WOD?

WOD coins can be mined in any area of the map, regardless of the workload of the fishermen in the area. In order to start receiving WOD, you just need to select any region on the map and go fishing, you can claim your reward at any time.‌

How to increase production of $WOD?

You can improve the production of $WOD through:

Upgrading your equipment

•Upgrading your skills

•Leveling up

Higher quality equipment with a high level will allow you to get more $WOD.‌

Where can I use WOD?

$WOD is used to make purchases on the marketplace. Leveling up and making upgrades also require the use of WOD coins.

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